Tinder Clone App: Market prospects, revenue models, app development process

Tinder Clone
Tinder Clone

If we were to look at the Internet at its most basic level, it all comes down to communication. What the Internet did really boss to facilitate smoother and barrier-free communication across the globe. There are different implications of this revolution in communication. It made possible the concept of remote offices, and it also made it extremely easy for friends and family to connect with each other even if they were geographically separated.

Another important manifestation of this new method of communication is enhanced relationships. It is estimated that about 27% of the committed relationships today can be attributed to the Internet. These Internet-enabled relationships have come a long way from the times of my space until today. When we talk about today, we can only think of dating apps. The first name that comes to mind when we talk about dating apps is invariably Tinder.

The app needs no explanation. It is quite possible that you know someone who extensively uses the app even as you read this blog. However, what made Tinder a great success was the introduction of a new form of interaction, the swipe.

In most cases, even phones were mimicking the type of interaction on desktop devices with the only exception being that instead of the mouse pointer; you use the finger. With Tinder, the game of dating had changed. You no longer needed to hold the phone in one hand and interact with the other. You could just hold your phone and interact with the same hand by using the swipe mechanism.

The success of Tinder is best reflected in its statistics. Tinder had about 57 million users in 2018, and about 4.1 million Tinder users were paying for their Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions. The app processed about 1.6 billion swipes per day in 2018 and is available in over 40 languages to be used across 190 countries.

It is not just the usage statistics that qualify Tinder, but its real-world impact. Tinder had facilitated more than 1 million dates per week in 2018 and has a record of over 20 billion matches made ever since the app launched. That is about three matches for every citizen of the world!

dating app development
dating app development

The need for companionship is not new. It was, however, negatively fueled by certain factors of hesitation. Getting acquainted would mean that time and money needs to be spent by going out and dining at cafés. There are chances that introverts might not even open up, and their shyness might hamper the possibilities of a winning date.

With the dating apps, however, these barriers stand broken. The first communication can be established over chat, and when you know that there is a possibility of things working out, you can consider meeting in a café or some hangout joint.

Even culturally conservative markets have become open to the idea of dating, and it only means that a dating app can capitalize on a market that is almost global. In addition, people can connect over multiple attributes and aspects. There is an app like Tinder that connects people based on their mutual dislikes and hatred!

Perhaps the most tremendous success of Tinder is figuring out how to make money while facilitating easy and hassle-free dating.

Tinder uses a freemium model. The app is free to download and use, but you will need to pay an additional amount to unlock certain premium features. These features can include custom emojis and special GIF images.

In addition, apps like Tinder also have subscription models that contribute to the greatest chunk of their revenue. The memberships can be purchased by a month or a quarter or a year. These subscriptions can unlock features like recalling a dislike or viewing profiles beyond your geographical limits. These subscribers can also avail or features like unlimited swipes, super likes, smart photos, and profile boost. As the name says, the subscription is valid only for a stipulated amount of time, unlike the freemium features.

This only goes on to prove that a dating app like Tinder is bound to find success in the near future. The different avenues of profitability with an app like Tinder make it a lucrative business idea for an aspiring entrepreneur.

app like Tinder
app like Tinder

To develop an app like Tinder, you will need to understand the features that made it the Numero Uno dating app in the first place.

The login and registration process of Tinder showed how you can achieve a perfect confluence of simplicity, security, and comprehensiveness. You can log in using your Facebook account or a phone number. When you log in using Facebook, Tinder takes care to take all the information from Facebook, effectively eliminating the process of filling forms and creating a profile when the information is already available.

The profile contains all the information and only the information that is needed for a person to take the next step when it comes to dating. The profile contains the age, the location, a brief description, a list of mutual friends on Facebook, and a list of mutual interests. It also links the Instagram profile of the user so that they can look at each other’s Instagram photos.

Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to taking a date forward unless it is confined to be long-distance dating. Tinder brings in the goodness of geolocation and also uses geofencing techniques to ensure that the possibility of a Tinder date converting to a real date remains high.

Relationships are not monotonous anymore. Tinder understands that and enables diverse discovery options through age, sex, and location, taking back to the good old days of starting conversations on Yahoo! Messenger! In the free version, the profile is that users can look at is limited to a 10-mile radius.

Another essential feature that we have already discussed is the swipe up feature. A swipe to the right means that the profile is liked and of swipe to the left means that the profile is disliked. The process of swiping makes the entire process of finding a date entertaining, easy, and engaging. Tinder has also introduced features to look at the photos by just tapping on the left side or the right side of the screen. In short, what makes Tinder special is not the offering but the experience.

Another technique that Tinder perfected is the process of matchmaking. It is possible that someone with malicious intentions just keeps swiping right on all the profiles. However, only window some mutual right swipe can these profiles interact with each other. This ensures that even before people start chatting, the connect is already established.

The chat interface makes it convenient for people who could be potential dates. You can add emojis and send GIFs to make your chat engaging and possibly romantic.

Tinder clone app
Tinder clone app

As much as dating is fun, it is also a sensitive area. Therefore, features that can enhance the experience will be a massive differentiator in the market.

  • Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms can be incorporated, so user preferences are matched automatically.
  • Connecting the Facebook profile presents a few additional advantages. Based on a few attributes, artificial intelligence can assign a risk school to the profile. For example, a profile with no friends or a profile with more than 4500 friends might not be an original profile.
  • There are chances that Tinder profiles can be used to send out malicious links, especially after mutual right swipes. Spam detectors are put in place, so these messages are filtered out without causing any harm to the user or to the app.
Tinder clone script
Tinder clone script

Now that the profitability and marketability of dating apps have been established, all that is left for an aspirating entrepreneur is to build an app like Tinder. However, developing an app like Tinder from scratch might be quite demanding and risky.

Alternatively, if you want to build a dating app like Tinder, you can consider going for a Tinder clone. A Tinder clone app is easy to customize, and the app can be garnished with the features that fall in line with your business model and your niche.

All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in the creation and customization of the Tinder clone app. They will take care to understand your requirement and present you with a perfect solution for your business and a better solution for people who want dates of their choice!

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